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Developing Custom Software
for 25 years

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SmartFTP client (2020), Delphi 10.3 Rio

smartFTP Client

The SmartFTP client allows synchronization of local files with a remote FTP folder. Application's primary use is by web developers.
SmartFTP app compares the content of the local folder with an associated remote destination and highlights files they differ. Included are all files from a defined root directory and all subdirectories.
Different files are highlighted. Users can synchronize individual files or submit all differences to the remote location.
Any replaced files are backed up automatically and saved in the local folder. Backups can be restored (effectively one rolls back his changes).

Delphi 5 apps

Applications below were developed in Delphi 5 Pro version. I used several third-party open-source libraries (mODBC, Indy, RxLib, Blowfish, TDBF).

Car Agenda (2005)

The application allows tracking of allowable motor vehicle expenses.

WholeSale order application

SalesPro - Customer Communication application. (2003)

WholeSale order application

Application SalesPro was designed to research online resources and build a database of prospective clients. An objective was to explore and import various web-based customer lists and databases at ease (e.g. yellow pages). Once data are collected, the application supports generating customer lists and keeps track of past communication. Either fax or customized email can be sent to selected recipients directly from the application.

J&T Private Banking (Bratislava, 2001-2002)

The application was designed for a private banking department. I started developing this application in Slovakia. Additional extensions and bug fixes were done remotely, from Canada, when I was in Canada.

Cash accounts summary with applied filter and detail view


Horse racing Agenda (Bratislava, 2000)

Individual Races within a day with a detail data - horses registered for the rise

Application HorseRacing tracks agenda related to horse racing in Slovakia.

MS-DOS apps

I started developing Custom apps when I was at the university. I used MS Fox Pro 2.6 for small database apps. For more advanced code I used Borland Pascal 5.

FoxPro app Borland Pascal - EPPV