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Developing Custom Software
for 25 years

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Do not hesitate to contact me with your questions, even if you feel you found satisfying answer at this page.

Frequently asked questions

Which languages and databases do you use ?

Depending on your project, there is several choices of tools to pick from. My preferred one is Delphi (Delphi 10.3 Rio) for desktop client/server applications. For WEB projects, either PHP or C#/.NET tech stack is a primary choice.
The most popular database today for small projects is MS SQL server. PHP traditinally goes with MySQL. Additional options are available if you prefer multi platform or mobile environment.

What should I expect if I decide I want a Custom application ?

There is always a risk when one wants to try anything new. Most typical reason for such risk is there are some unknows. Over the years I developed solid concept how to identify and adress most common issues.
See page Methodology where you can learn more about my unique approach.

How can I get in touch ?

Obvious choices are email, phone call or my preferred way is videoconferencing. We can use skype, zoom, Microft teams or Google's meet service.
There is always an option to meet in person to discuss lenghtly issues in detail.
Remote support can be provided to any place on the planet.

What if there is a problem after a few months of application use ?

This is not unusual to happen. I have encountered such situation regularly in previous projects.
First step to get problem fixed. This is a number one priority. There might be several sources of the problem: a user mistake, technical or hardware failure, undiscovered bug in code. You might also need to adjust your application to new legislation requirements or your needs change.
I strongly encourage to have a local tech support available. They will help with dealing with any situation - either a regular tasks or unexpcted issues.

Part of my approach is offering some kind of "warranty" for a specified period of time, typically 1 year. Details of such warranty will be discussed before I start working on the project. I propose conditions they have worked in previous projects for both sites. Specific terms are always open to discussion.

How does project scoping for these projects work ?

I stated on my Home page that typical project scope is 5 to 60 Man-days. Scope of the project here refers primarily to expected number of hours customer can expect to be worked on the project. Such estimate determines price for the project. It does not mean a 5 days project will be done in a week.
Typical time required to complete Custom software project is 1 - 6+ months. Both sides need time to review expectations and consider best possible approach. Such idle time is not billable to customer. Certain rules and deadlines will be discussed.

Is web-based solution cloud?

Not necessary. In order to operate a web-based application, a computer running 24/7 is typically required. Such requirement can be fulfilled by a dedicated computer running in your office. Better option is renting required services from a service provider. In the most cost-effective scenario, several customers share the same hardware. A dedicated virtual or physical server is an option for more demanding customer.
If you are concerned about availability of your web site at any possible situation (e.g. a severe weather causing service interruption), a cloud-based service comes to the picture.