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Wholesale orders application

Sample application

The purpose of this sample application is to demonstrate my approach (well, I call it methodology) to developing small and mid-sized applications.
Look at the Methodology page to learn more about my services.

This application suite comprises two applications: a desktop version for all “heavy lifting”, data handling, backups, reporting, etc. The second version is a lightweight WEB application.
These two apps need to exchange data. In the present version, data exchange is handled manually via scripts.
Owner's dashboard
The desktop application is a client-server application, designed in Delphi Rio 10.3.
The web part is designed in PHP, without the use of any frameworks. The client code requires the use of Javascript.

Please note, existing WEB version is not secure enough to be used openly on the web. It can be however safely deployed on a local or VPN network, where security concerns are handled by technical personnel.

Another option is mimicking local network access. The user has to first login into the portal. If successfully authenticated, he can use the application. In the existing version, users share the same credentials. Such an approach is suitable only for a limited user base.

The desktop version is under construction. See sample screenshots here.
Learn more (and try it) WholeSale orders.

The Wholesale Orders application is a Beta release. This is the level of code you can expect when the 2nd step in my methodology is completed.
I want to challenge you here – find several bugs and suggestions to improve this application. This is what is needed to be done by my customer as “Step 3. Finalization of the application code”. There is a more fancy word for this step: "User Acceptance Testing".