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Technical requirements

Desktop application

System requirements

Desktop version runs on windows 10 desktop. Data are stored in MS SQL server (demo version uses MS Access database in order to simplify deployment). Desktop version does not need to support multi-user access.

Database requirements:

Web application

System requirements

Web server code is designed in PHP, without use of any frameworks. Shared code is kept in libraries, both procedural and object-oriented.
Such design simplifies application deployment. Please note this approach might not be suitable for larger projects.
Data are stored in MySQL database.

Additional considerations:


It is generally expected a Web application is available for customers 24/7. Typical solution is running the application on a hosted, shared database and a web server. In addition to a reliable service, you can get technical support when needed.

Database schema

One distinct advantage using SQL server is an option to query data directly. This option simplifies application design as not all reports need to be coded by a programmer.
MS Excel, MS Access or several other tools are suitable for such ad-hoc reporting. Part of the application design are views they simplify reports creation by regular users.
See attached database schema. I will walk you through certain details needed to know in order to extract data from the database properly.

DB schema - Crow\'s Foot notation
DB schema - Crow's Foot notation