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Wholesale orders application

Sample application

WholeSale order application

Wholesale orders is a web-based application. Your customers can access it via internet browser, either from a desktop computer or from a smart phone. Customers add new items into order either by picking from the price list or as a free-text item. Customer can see an estimated total amount for whole order. If he is satisfied, he can submit order for processing.
Additional features available to customer:

Owner actions

There is not much functionality on the web for a store owner. Orders submitted by the customer are collected in the desktop application, where owner or his stuff processes order. There is however one operation: a review of orders overdue, due today, tomorrow and within the week.

Owner's dashboard

A demo version with sample users and several items for sale can be reviewed here. Please note you will need user name and password in order to access this page.
Email me at, I will email you credentials.