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Career manager

Every (100%) recruiter and hiring agency uses programs to evaluate resumes coming in.

92% of Human Resources (HR) departments in companies own the same (or similar) program, to choose the right ONE from hundred’s of resumes.

You will be an expert at:

Looking for new advertisements - researching process

Preparing resumes : quickly, adapted for the particular advertisement

Sending resumes

Follow-up process

And many more...


CAREER MANAGER is not only an application, it is the way how to find your dream job. The "Interactive teacher" explains everything.

We will help you to be their FIRST choice!

Our “CAREER MANAGER” offers you ways to:

Save Your Time and be Organized

Be accurate in your response: never omit any asked information

You will not send different resumes to the same employer any more

Keep records of your resumes for ages; easy scanning advertisements and sent information

Make record comments about events ("I made the call"), feelings ("a helpful person-advised me") or known information ("no phone calls, please")...

Keep track of sent resumes; when you get a call from the HR manager, you will be able to find the resume you sent him very quickly

Scheduling your next activities ("find more info about companies"), the follow-up process ("call again; send a thank you letter")

Schedule and research into advertisements