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Certified Delphi developer


Od Turbo Pascalu v MS DOS, cez windows Client/Server k mobilným a distribuovaným platformám



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Moving in the Post Pandemic World

After a few months of the pandemic lockdown this year, my company gave people the option of leaving the local area where our headquarters is located and moving to another part of England. Actually, since we aren't planning on anyone coming into an office in 2020, we allowed people to move away from the cities where we are located, with a request that they remain in the same country. ...

The Value of Metadata

A long time ago, nearly two decades ago, I had a manager come ask me about metadata, specifically, what it was. This was a technical manager, who understood software well but wasn't a data expert. I tried to explain data about data, but at that time, the world primarily dealt with client-server type technologies, with data being something that was primarily about a think. Metadata like types, scales, etc., weren't seen as that useful. Descriptive items, like we might store in the MS_Description extended property, were rare. ...